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    Pour a family’s feeling of togetherness and joy of life into a pot. Stir vigorously. Sit at the table. And share with family and friends. That is NENI.
    NENI is also the first initials of Nuriel, Elior, Nadiv and Ilan, Haya and Samy Molcho’s four sons. Family is at the heart of the company.
    “Life is beautiful” is our motto.
    Be part of it!
    The Molcho Family

  • Balagan!

    Through unique pictures and stories, this book covers seven days of living “balagan”: for one week, Haya Molcho, together with various generations, cooked, laughed and celebrated life.


Here we collect and share our daily activities/news.

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    Sharing is a part of NENI, like hummus to falafel. It is what one learns in a large family. We share everything, especially our food. You’ll find the recipes in our cookbooks and the ingredients at SPAR. And for those who don’t cook, there is the “ready to go” food. Enjoy!

  • The Family

    The name reflects, once again, our philosophy in that it is the essential part of our lives. Eating is always done at a large table with the whole family and many friends.

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  • A lot of what you can find on the menu today began as a snack at home that evolved and was refined over time.

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