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Es war vielleicht nicht der ☼ SONNIGSTE SOMMER ☼ aber es gab trotzdem WUNDERSCHÖNE Momente die wir mit euch teilen durften. Der TEL AVIV Beach 2010 hat ab Heute zu aber wir freuen uns auf einen hoffentlich waren TEL AVIV Sommer in 2015. Alles LIEBE Familie Molcho x

NENI ART Collective 4th October feat #igersvienna



OPENING PARTY // 4th October at NENI am Naschmarkt
#igersvienna Instagram collage for #WWIM10
in collaboration with NENI ART Collective

More than 1.000 Instagram pictures by Vienna’s Instagram community form World’s biggest Instagram Collage.

Instagramers Vienna will present the world’s biggest Instagram photo collage with over 25 squaremeters filled with photos made by the community. More than 1.000 Instagram photos with the hashtag #igersvienna will be combined to a gigantic photo collage.

The creativity and talent of the community will be showcased in an exhibition in Vienna – a whole wall will be covered in photos of Instagramers from Vienna (and visitors who used the hashtag #igersvienna). We are very excited to be able to give so many members of the community the chance to be featured in an exhibition during one of the biggest international Instagram events of the year (WorldWide InstaMeet 10 #WWIM10). Worldwide communities will meet up on this specific day and will share their experiences through Instagram. In Vienna we will officially open the exhibition with the Instagram collage on this day, and after that the exhibition will stay open for a full month.
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NENI am Naschmarkt | Nebenzimmer
Naschmarkt 510
1060 Wien

Opening party:
SAT, 4th of October

Regular opening hours of Neni am Naschmarkt during the exhibition:
MO – SAT 8-24h

Reservations (ask for a table in the “Nebenzimmer”):
+4315852020 or info@neni.at

Please tag your photos:
#WWIM10 #neniartcollective #igersvienna
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We fully respect the artist’s rights on their work. From an organizational perspective it was impossible for us to contact all the IGers contributing their photos to the collage via the Hashtag #igersvienna beforehand. We will not gain any profits from the exhibition nor will we ever reproduce or sell the selected photos in any way. After the end of the month-long exhibition the photo collage will not be used any further and will be destroyed.

An Instagramers Vienna Event

Idea, Organization & Production:
Instagramers Vienna (Ana Sampaio Barros, Justinne Birg, Marion Vicenta Payr, Lukas Havranek, Peter Schlossnikel) with the kind help of the community of #igersvienna

Sponsors & cooperation partners:

At the Table

With a vibrant smile and boundless energy, Chef Haya Molcho is always on the go, keeping tabs on her three NENI restaurants and jetting around the world gathering inspiration. Her menus incorporate the flavors of her native Israel—items like flavored hummus, caramelized eggplant, and the classic Sabich—along with spices, ingredients, and techniques from her travels. With her newest location, the chef is bringing these delicious flavors and her laid back-style to Berlin. We recently caught her on a visit to the city to talk about her passion for cooking, favorite ingredients, and world travels.



How did you get interested in cooking?

I started early. My father was a dentist and he went with a drill all over the little towns in Israel. He went from one little town to the other, and instead of money he got food. Tomatoes, chicken, eggs, everything came from the farmers. We had to do something with this food, so my mother would cook for the whole neighborhood, she would cook for everybody. The neighborhood was poor, nobody had anything, and so the house was full of guests, my aunts, my grandmother, me. Everyone cooked.

So this was the beginning, when I was a child. Then I studied something completely different in Germany, philosophy. And I married an artist and we went to Vienna. And after Vienna, we spent seven years living all around the world, in India, China, Morocco, all over. My husband was on the stage performing and I was in the kitchen. This was the start of my learning to work in the open kitchen and to have respect of other cultures.

This was the start of my career. Well, not my career. My career was my four boys. I stayed at home when they were born, up until they were seven years old. And I started with a catering company when Nadiv, the youngest, was 13. But I always made parties and things and I was always cooking. Cooking was my passion, the same as today. The Israeli kitchen, I call it the eclectic kitchen. It’s a collection of the world. People from Morocco, Romania, Bulgaria all came to Israel, and of course every mother brought her dishes. And then they are making their own dishes inspired by the fresh foods of Israel. This is my kitchen. NENI is this kitchen.

Tell us about NENI. What is the concept?

NENI is my four boys. Nuriel, Elior, Nadiv, and Ilan. Three of them work with me and one does film and art in New York and Los Angeles. One is also DJing; he does music here. Nuriel is in charge of marketing. So I think with the passion and the family together, it’s a lifestyle. It’s music, art, food, nice decoration. This is NENI.

We have another very nice location in Vienna. It’s a mixture of a Tel Aviv beach and Bauhaus and it’s really beautiful. Everything is white and there are about 700 young people always dancing there. If you are in Vienna, you are always welcome. We’re also doing items—hummus, tahini, lentils, salads—for supermarkets all over Austria. We just started that two years ago.

Neni-Israeli-Restaurant-Berlin-245 Neni-Israeli-Restaurant-Berlin-248

And why did you decide to come to Berlin? What attracted you about the city?

We never decided. We never made a request. The projects always come to us. The supermarkets came to us. 25 Hours came to us. The projects develop and we decide to do them or not. And with these people, we love to do it. We love the 25 Hours. It’s so special. They came to us and it’s very NENI; we have wood, we have nature, they took a lot of elements from NENI here.

And how are you finding Berlin?

I am in the kitchen a lot while I am here. German cooks have to learn the mentality: it’s not just cooking, it’s a passion. My cooks in Austria have the passion already. It’s important for me. If a cook comes to me and asks how long his holidays are, then he won’t work for me. But if he comes and asks ‘What are you doing? What can I learn?’ then he has the biggest chance.

Is the menu similar at each location?

It’s of course NENI stamped, we have the hummus at all our locations. But here we have a bigger kitchen, so we can do more stuff. At NENI am Naschmarkt in Vienna, they have a very small kitchen, and I admire my cooks because we sometimes have 400 people come in a day. But I have a fantastic crew, young people that are full of passion. The cooks in Vienna have been with me for 5 years. We’re also doing items—hummus, tahini, lentils, salads—for supermarkets all over Austria. We just started this two years ago.


Do you have a favorite dish that you can tell us about?

Aubergine, eggplant, it’s my favorite. I put the whole eggplant on the grill and take it off just when it’s black. I make a ratatouille with this eggplant. It’s very nice, smoked. This is my favorite. And with eggplant, I make a hundred different recipes.

Tomatoes are also important to me, but I need very good tomatoes. I have someone who goes to buy organic tomatoes for me, like the ones back in Israel. For me, it’s important to have good produce. I have someone that’s doing garlic for me, a French guy. You just have to cut it with a knife and it’s like a cream.

So aubergine, tomatoes. Hummus, is also important. Tahini and really a lot. Sweet and salty and in the oven and out.

And do you have any upcoming plans or working on any new projects?

Yes. We are working now on NENI am Tisch, or NENI on the Table. It’s a line of whole salads, nice, modern, and simple, to  bring to Germany. And then, let’s see. There are a lot of possibilities. I’m going to India at the end of this year—every year I go to India for three weeks to do yoga, relax—and then the ideas come. I get a lot of inspiration in India. This is my ritual and this is very important for me, to calm down once a year in India.

Neni-Israeli-Restaurant-Berlin-265 Neni-Israeli-Restaurant-Berlin-277 Neni-Israeli-Restaurant-Berlin-270

NENI Berlin, Budapester Straße 40, 10787 Berlin

Interview & Text by Katherine Sacks
Photos by Ashley Ludaescher

Original POST: http://atthetable.co/haya-molcho-neni-berlin/


Cous Cous mit Sweet potatos gerösteten
Nüssen und kokosflocken

Zucchini gefüllt mit Rollgerste

Orientalische Ratatouille mit Melanzanie aus dem Holzofen auf cremiger Polenta

Kartoffel-Berberitzen -Schmorgericht

Bulgur-Kürbis -Risotto

feuerkuecheCF034470 feuerkueche_Y3L6476 _Y3L3878

STREET STYLE MQ FASHION WEEK PARTY // 05. September ab 18:00

MQ Fashion WEEK



Zur Einstimmung der diesjährigen Fashion Week hosten Blogger Jean-Claude Mpassy (New Kiss On The Blog) und das Neni Art Collective ein Event der etwas anderen Art:

❝ The best fashion show is definitely on the street. Always has been and always will be. ❞

In diesem Sinne dreht sich am 05. September im NENI am Naschmarkt alles um Streetwear und die Styles der Straße.

Exhibition by New Kiss On The Blog
Blogger Jean-Claude Mpassy präsentiert ein Best Of seiner Street Style Photography.

Sneakers Exhibition by SNEAK IN
Kreative Ausstellung der angesagtesten Sneakers der F/W Saison.

Live Barber
Get shaved by a real pro! Sebastian Pfister von The Barber kümmert sich um das modischste Accessoire des Mannes… Seinen Bart!

Fashion SHOW by TrueYou 
>>> 19:30 <<<
Das Newcomer Label TrueYou präsentiert exklusiv seine neue Frauen-, sowie Männerkollektion.

Best Outfit Competition
Be progressive! Zieht euer stylischstes Outfit an und werdet während der Party von unseren Fotografen gespotted. Alle Fotos werden am Folgetag des Events hochgeladen. Ihr selbst entscheidet dann über die besten Looks… Taged euch & shared. Die Outfits mit den meisten Likes gewinnen tolle Preise (MQ Vienna Fashion Week VIP Karten, Gutscheine uvm.)

Music by Mixwoch
Finest Old School Hip Hop

Big Outdoor Bar

Stay tuned für mehr Updates und Überraschungen.
Wir freuen uns auf euch!

Life is Beautiful.

tumblr_nagtmhV5ZJ1r7lw5mo1_1280 tumblr_nak0zlONOM1r7lw5mo1_1280



Polentagratin mit Eierschwammerln

Asia Belugalinsen mit mariniertem Räuchertofu

Quinoa-Laibchen mit Jogurt -Kräuter Dip

Kichererbsen Ragout mit orientalischen Gewürzen

Spinat-Linsen Nockeln

— at NENI10600396_1008540332506854_6950514923027821171_n __Y3L5957 _C4R5994 _C4R6744 _C4R7113


Haben sie die NENI am Tisch Produkte schon probiert?

Erhältlich im SPAR, Euro SPAR & SPAR Gourmet ❤TLVBeach_31.03.14_Druck10 TLVBeach_31.03.14_Druck9 Gewürze Postkarte NENI_Enjoy_CF049730


Bands of L.A. POP UP STORE // SAMSTAG + SONNTAG (16.8 – 17.8)

“Bands of LA. is a new idea coming from over the pacific: the belt 2.0 !

The idea of the band is as easy as life on the West Coast! Bands of L.A. have no buckle // they wanna be knotted. A little disruptive maybe – but super cool & soft.
Come check out Bands of L.A. on August 16 & 17 : TLV Beach Crew welcomes the new L.A. based brand to Vienna, by hosting their first ever Pop Up Store.

Get your own Bands of L.A. and enjoy our specials: Every „like“ on Facebook or „follower“ on Instagram gets 5 Euros off every purchase!”

Bands of L.A is a FEELING // FEEL IT!

FACEBOOK EVENT: https://www.facebook.com/events/1455733801359071/

bands of LA 4 bands of LA 3 bands of LA 2 bands of LA