Each of our NENI cookbooks has an original concept and shows a different approach to cooking. And each is full of recipes, stories and a lot of love.

    • Tel Aviv

      Tel Aviv ist bunt, vielfältig, weltoffen und modern. Hier trifft sich die Welt, hier verschmelzen Kulturen, Religionen und kulinarische Traditionen.

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    • Balagan

      Through unique pictures and stories, this book covers seven days of living balagan: for one week, Haya Molcho, together with various generations, cooked, laughed and celebrated life.

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    • Fire Cooking

      Haya Molcho shows how to enjoy handling the flames without burning one's finger and tells of a culinary trip between cultures.

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    • Fancy a foreign kitchen

      Whoever wishes to get to know new recipes and completely new food tastes will find it in Haya's first work. It is an homage to her love of cooking, good eating and her family.

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